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Logo Design / Brand Identity

Brand Identity is important for every business and community. I can help you create a logo to represent your idea, a cohesive brand identity with fonts and colors to use across your platforms, and give you a starting point with the tools you need to brand your business seamlessly.

  • Logos / Brand Booklets

  • Creating Brand Voice and Identity

  • Business Cards

  • Typography

  • Informational Posters / Brochures

Invitations / Party Elements

Invitations are crucial to having a successful event, whether physical or digital. Quick event websites can be helpful but also a pain to set up, or make look good. Invitations can be pricey and matching party supplies can be impossible to find for niche themes.

  • Wedding Invitations (anywhere from simple modern to shimmery goodness)

  • Birthday Invitations (also offering matching thank yous, goodie tags, etc.)

  • Any Special Event Invitation (you let me know and we can make it happen!)

  • Digital Invitations

  • Party RSVP/Information Websites

  • Mailing advice and services (experiences with the post office, proper addressing, postage etc.)

Digital / Physical Advertising

Needing help on creating an ad that matches your brand or message so you can get the best bang for your buck on your ad space? Look no further!

  • Print Ad Designs

  • Digital Ad Designs

  • Advice on What Works for Each Type

  • Topic Suggestions to Include

Social Media Marketing

Social media now plays a huge part into a business or communities marketing. The possibilities are endless when it comes to marketing on social media and getting your message across on your platforms. Don't know where to start? That's okay! I can show you how to streamline the process so you can maintain your social medias.

  • Social Media Icons / Layouts

  • Help with Implementing Your Desired Brand Voice

  • Creating Social Media Visuals

  • Using and Teaching post management programs

  • Management of Social Media

Signage / Banners

Need signage for an event or your business? A banner for your booth at a show? Signage is what catches people's eye that otherwise may not be looking for your company but could be interested!

  • Posters for Events

  • Welcome Signs

  • Seating Charts for events

  • Banners for Booths

Packaging / Display Design

Need some packaging for your products? I can help you implement your brand design on different forms of packaging for what you may need!

  • Product Packaging

  • Storage Solutions for Products

  • Display Ideas for Storefronts

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